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​If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

2017 LRSS PBL Brochure.pdf2017 LRSS PBL Brochure2017 LRSS PBL Brochure2434 KB
tuckshop menu 2017.pdf2017 Tuckshop Menutuckshop menu 201767 KB
LOGAN009 - Online_Ordering_Instructions-one_order_per_child_2017.pdf2018 Book List Online Ordering InstructionsLOGAN009 - Online_Ordering_Instructions-one_order_per_child_2017200 KB
Year 1 booklist 2018.pdf2018 Year 1 BooklistYear 1 booklist 2018283 KB
Year 2 booklist 2018.pdf2018 Year 2 BooklistYear 2 booklist 2018285 KB
Year 3 booklist 2018.pdf2018 Year 3 BooklistYear 3 booklist 2018283 KB
Year 4 booklist 2018.pdf2018 Year 4 BooklistYear 4 booklist 2018285 KB
Year 5 booklist 2018.pdf2018 Year 5 BooklistYear 5 booklist 2018261 KB
Year 6 booklist 2018.pdf2018 Year 6 BooklistYear 6 booklist 2018260 KB
medication-request-form.pdfAdminister medication formmedication-request-form446 KB
application for exemption for a student being absent from the school for more than 10 days.pdfApplication for exemption for a student absent from school for more than 10 daysapplication for exemption for a student being absent from the school for more than 10 days165 KB
Student App V7- Enrol (Word).docApplication for student enrolment form (word version)Student App V7- Enrol (Word)2022 KB
information_exemptions.pdfInformation for parents regarding exemptions from school (more than 10 days)information_exemptions101 KB
Investing for Success - SER - Logan Reserve State School 2017.PDFInvesting for Success 2017Investing for Success - SER - Logan Reserve State School 2017244 KB
Investing for Success 2018.pdfInvesting for Success 2018Investing for Success 201869 KB
learning-wellbeing-framework.pdfLearning and Wellbeing Frameworklearning-wellbeing-framework104 KB
logan-reserve-ss-catchment.pdfLogan Reserve catchmentlogan-reserve-ss-catchment996 KB
Logan Reserve State Schoo1 School Annual Report 2015.pdfLogan Reserve State School Annual Redpor 2015Logan Reserve State Schoo1 School Annual Report 2015522 KB
LRSS Responsible Behaviour Plan 2016.pdfLRSS Responsible Behaviour Plan 2016LRSS Responsible Behaviour Plan 20161630 KB
making_a_complaint.pdfMaking a Complaintmaking_a_complaint316 KB
Media Consent Form.pdfMedia Consent FormMedia Consent Form441 KB
LRSS Prep Handbook 2017.pdfPrep HandbookLRSS Prep Handbook 20174415 KB
request to administer medications.pdfRequest to administer medicationsrequest to administer medications403 KB
2018 LRSS Responsible Behaviour Plan.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan 20182018 LRSS Responsible Behaviour Plan2130 KB
SIU - Logan Reserve SS - Executive Summary - 2016.pdfSIU - Executive Summary - Logan Reserve State SchoolSIU - Logan Reserve SS - Executive Summary - 2016331 KB